Workshop Capacities & Capabilities

Industry Base
· Building/Construction
We specialise in Commercial Construction Projects such as warehouses, industrial buildings, schools, hospitals, office buildings and multi storey work.
· Mining and Defence work.
We employ over 30 operational staff including boilermakers, welders, CNC operators, processors, transport personnel, production, despatch and supervisors.

Production Capacity
We have to capacity to fabricate over 6,000 tonnes of steel and process over 8,000tones p.a.

Our 6,000sq.m site houses administration and fabrication facilities, with another 700sq.m of storage area available on other conveniently located site. We are located in close proximity to major steel merchants, specialist painters and galvanisers that enhances our ability to provide quick turnover times


The workshop features Multiple CNC controlled processing work centres which have the ability to stamp and mark the steel during processing.

Our work centres comprise of Daito and RGS Technology :

  • DNF 1050 with 3 high speed drill heads which travel 2 dimensionally while work piece is firmly held by vices with a maximum capacity 1025 mm x 500 mm.
  • DS400, which is fully automatic combined unit with 3 face drills and a circular saw. This will automatically cut and drill various structural profiles. Ideally suited for small section sizes.
  • GTA 7010 dedicated saw line. This is a high speed cutting unit with a capacity to cut up to 1020 wide x 660 high. This unit is ideally suited for large member section and bundle cutting · Daito CSD2-1050 Drill & GTR –5010CNC Dual Mitre Bandsaw Line System with in feed and out feed tables with an inbuilt scribing marking unit with the ability to process up to 1050mm
  • Daito Hypertherm high performance plasma coping robot with a 700mm capacity this is a six axis robot which produces quality bolt holes, cutting and an endless array of copes the unit is remarkably fast, accurate and smooth.
  • RGS CNC Punching & shearing line for angle profiles with the ability to punch holes from 5mm – 32mm diameter Our Daito machines are serviced by a pincher roller feed systems giving us the flexibility to process lengths of over 20

Our Daito machines are serviced by a pincher roller feed systems giving us the flexibility to process lengths of over 20

Welding processes
We have our own in-house Quality and Accredited Welding Supervisor, Welding Inspector and Production Systems Manager.

We offer the following welding processes:

  • GMAW and GMAW Pulse
  • Submerge Arc Welding (SAW)
  • Flux Cord Arc Welding (FCAW)
  • Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) – (TIG)
  • Stud Welding

All Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is outsourced to a NATA endorsed inspection company.

Mobile Crane Capacity
Subject to individual requirements and job specifications, we hire mobile cranes to suit each project, using dedicated mobile crane contractors.

Site Work
We have internal site crews and access to external full time sub-contractors to complete all erection work and onsite welding. We also use specific external riggers and mobile crane companies for specialised site erection projects.

Drafting department
ASF employs in-house detailers. Our experienced and professional detailing staff use the latest Tekla Exsteel 3D software. We have access to a national network of professional (highly experienced) external detailers that can assist in your next project.

To compliment our business we also have our own transport capabilities which comprises of a "B" Double Rated Prime Mover with various trailers including:

  • 2 x Triaxle Flat Top Extendible to 22.5m
  • 1 fixed Tandem Axle to 13.5m
  • Crane Truck with 3.5 tonne truck mounted crane.

Quality Assurance/Accreditation
At ASF we have the following quality systems and accreditation in place:

  • AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 (Cert No: Q0140)
  • We can provide a variety of reporting documents, including MDRs, ITPs, Quality Plans, SCurves.
  • We comply with the National Code of Practice for the Building and Construction Industry and Commonwealth Government Implementation Guidelines.
  • We are registered with InSkill SA.
  • We hold a current SA Building Work Contractors Licence – No: BLD 171812
    We are registered with Workcover (SA) – Employer No: E 182617096.