Advanced Steel has the equipment, the staff and the materials to furnish you with material cut, processed and ready for fabrication. Our processing services are part of the creative solutions we're known for, both locally and interstate.

Our work centres comprise of Daito and RGS Technology:

  • DNF 1050 with 3 high speed drill heads which travel 2 dimensionally while work piece is firmly held by vices with a maximum capacity 1025 mm x 500 mm.
  • DS400, which is fully automatic combined unit with 3 face drills and a circular saw. This will automatically cut and drill various structural profiles. Ideally suited for small section sizes.
  • GTA 7010 dedicated saw line. This is a high speed cutting unit with a capacity to cut up to 1020 wide x 660 high. This unit is ideally suited for large member section and bundle cutting
  • Daito CSD2-1050 Drill & GTR –5010CNC Dual Mitre Bandsaw Line System with in feed and out feed tables with an inbuilt scribing marking unit with the ability to process up to 1050mm
  • Daito Hypertherm high performance plasma coping robot with a 700mm capacity this is a six axis robot which produces quality bolt holes, cutting and an endless array of copes the unit is remarkably fast, accurate and smooth.
  • RGS CNC Punching & shearing line for angle profiles with the ability to punch holes from 5mm – 32mm diameter

Our Daito machines are serviced by a pincher roller feed systems giving us the flexibility to process lengths of over 20

Our capabilities include:

  • Sawing
  • Hydraulic Punching & Shearing
  • Flame cutting
  • High definition plasma cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Beveling
  • Cambering